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With changing economic times many people are successfully opting to work from home. There is no daily commute, you can be your own boss and work the hours you choose. You get to do work you enjoy when and where you want.

There is an abundance of work online and you don’t need to go to an office to do it. You can become a call answering message taking agent for a construction company and make £20.00 per hour simply by taking down a message and sending the message over to the company u get assigned too. We offer a dedicated scheme for people to train to take messaged calls from potential client customers and pass the messages on its as simple as that and u get paid. We are looking for the right people now, who are competent, and want to earn from home.


This position offers a lucrative payment for simple jobs online. For each call, you process you will be paid between £15 and £20 PER CALL. The average call will be only 5 mins and will require you to take the callers name address and phone number and a brief requirement of what there looking for and that’s it. so you can easily make £220 for 10 to 12 calls worth of work. The number of hours you work each week is totally up to you. And you could begin doing this today and start making money online from home right away.

Training fee £0.00

We ensure that we only attract dedicated people who are serious about working with us, we don’t charge any training fee like other scam recruitment company we are serious in investing in you without asking you for a single penny throughout the training process. If you join us now, you will gain immediate access to our one on one training program.

Working from home helps generating income


Maggie Smith Leeds.

I'm a single mum I've been looking for some way to earn a bit of extra cash working from home now for a while when I found this opportunity it changed my life I now have the money to holiday with my kid's work when I want and earn great money for it.


Dawn Ashworth Manchester.

What can I say thanks and more thanks for giving me the opportunity to work from home look after my child and earn great money at the same time just by taking one residential plumbing inquiry and sending the inquiry to the contractor I get paid £25.00 per call, last month I answered over fifty calls I'm happier than ever when my money goes into my bank every Friday tax-free for such little work.